Out Buildings/Storage Buildings
Play Sets
Swing Sets
Above Ground Pools
All Fence (Chain-link, Panel, Privacy, etc.)

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Light Demolition Services

When it comes time to retire unwanted or unsafe standing structures let the professionals at The Trashcan handle the hard labor and dirty work. Plus, we will clean up the mess left over after we are done. Save the headache and backache and leave the hassle to us! We can remove.....

No worries of how to get rid of it, how to lift it, where to take it or how to get it there. We make simple easier, by providing you with a solution that will eliminate the problem completely, discretely, timely and most importantly... Professionally!

Junk/Trash Hauling & Disposal

Onsite Furniture Relocation

Want to relocate some items within your home or business? From the extremely heavy to the immovable objects The Trashcan CAN get the job done!! From upstairs to downstairs or from the front yard to the back. No matter what it is you need relocated we are available to make sure your items are repositioned to their new locations without breaking your back or your wallet!

The Trashcan

Hot Tub/Jacuzzi Removal

The removal of either of these items can literally be back breaking work. Removing these items can cost you a lifetime of pain if you are not careful. We have been removing items like these since 1998 and have successfully done so without ever having one injury! Large bulky items such as Pool Tables, Pianos,

Home owners, general contractors, and property managers alike all utilize our clean out services for both indoor and outdoor removal projects. The Trashcan can reduce your insurance liability as well as reestablish your property's appearance and value. Not to mention give you back your space! As always… with our UPFRONT PRICING, you will know the exact cost before we even start!!

Complete Clean Outs

An ongoing problem for many businesses is the disposal of skids and pallets. These nuisances can come in a variety of forms and sizes not to mention materials they are created from.

Whether wood, metal, plastic, fiberglass or even cardboard. We not only will haul away and dispose of these space consumers, but you can be assured they will be recycled as well.

A lot of our customers ask "Is size a problem?". The answer is "NO". Size does NOT matter and neither does the amount you have!

The Trashcan is equipped to handle ANY job, ANY size! We can even schedule the removal of these beasts of burden during your closed hours so it doesn't interfere with your own day to day operations.

Did you know.... For no extra cost! The Trashcan  can set up a reoccurring schedule for removal? This cots absolutely NOTHING!! You are only billed for the amount of material we remove.

Hot Tubs, etc. should be left up to knowledgeable personnel. This will prevent damage to your home and to your body. When it comes time to remove large and heavy items contact us and save yourself the stress and hassle! 

Junk in your attic? Stuff in basement? Clutter in the garage? Storage Unit too FULL? Whatever the case may be, you now want it gone. It’s a lot of work but it doesn’t have to be a strain on you. The Trashcanprovides one time clean outs as well as both scheduled and on call removal of ALL bulk items which are not typically handled by other companies. Contact Us and we will remove any trash, debris, rubbish, and/or junk from anywhere on your property in a timely fashion, leaving you with a clean home or business without the headache.

Did you know.... For no cost! The Trashcancan monitor your parking lot or dumpster area weekly and maintain its appearance. If the area requires attention our field agents will take photos and we will then contact you regarding the matter before ANY other service is performed. This costs absolutely NOTHING!! You are only billed if you authorize the work order. Once we have your approval we will take quick action to eliminate the mess and restore the area back to a presentable form.

A very common problem a business can face is the excess trash built up around their dumpsters or parking lots. Whether the trash is from your business or a late night litter bug this nuisance can become a giant headache costing you fines, court costs and maybe criminal charges. This not only interferes with the scheduled pick up of your dumpster but will most definitely draw unwanted attention from your neighbors not to mention customers. This issue will also lead to unwanted pests and rodents costing you even more money and business. The Trashcanwill remove all the unwanted clutter and we will sweep the surrounding area when we are done removing all the left over debris.

Junk/Trash Hauling & MORE!

Piano Removal & Disposal

Pallet Removal and Disposal

Dumpster Area Clean Up